15 Years of Excellence

07 Sep 15 Years of Excellence


Commercial Flooring Systems Celebrates 15 Years in the Industry


AUSTIN, Texas – September 8, 2015 – After 15 years in the commercial flooring business, Commercial Flooring Systems is stronger than ever, cementing its reputation as one of the most experienced commercial flooring companies in Central Texas.


“Fifteen years of business is considered a feat for any company, and more so when it comes to the highly competitive commercial construction industry,” said Scott Coll, CEO and founder, Commercial Flooring Systems. “We have reached this milestone because of our outstanding customer service, consistency and accountability, which continues to earn our customer’s trust.”


Founded in 2000 by Coll, the company’s knowledgeable team and relentless customer focus has garnered the company some of the region’s top projects, including JW Marriott, The Austonian, Dell and Google.


“From the beginning, I decided to organically grow my company by bringing in employees with expertise that complement our clients’ needs, instead of growing for the sake of growth,” continued Coll.


Commercial Flooring Systems was recently awarded a Construction Excellence award by the JW Marriott for the outstanding performance.





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